Israeli violations against journalists in August 2015

1-8-2015: Pal media photographer, Ashraf Abu Shawish, and the correspondent Jerusalem TV channel, Musab al-Khatib were severely suffocated due to tear gas while covering clashes broke out in Duma village, south of Nablus after burning the child Ali Dawabsheh.

4-8-2015: The occupation recalls the journalist photographer Amjad Arafa to investigation in the Russian Compound in Jerusalem (Al-Maskubiyya).

4-8-2015: The Israeli police arrested the journalist Abdul-Karim Darwish and confiscated his camera while covering a sit-in for Al-Aqsa Mosque guards against the arrest of their colleagues in front of Al-Qishleh police station in Jerusalem.

5-8-2015: The occupation prevented the journalist Amjad Arafa from traveling for three months and holding his passport.

12-8-2015: Settlers attacked the crew of Palestine today channel while covering a sit-in to support the prisoner Mohammad Allan, who is on hunger strike in front of the Israeli Barzillai Hospital.

16-8-2015: Settlers attacked the crew of Palestine TV while covering a demonstration to support the prisoner Mohammed Allan in Ashkelon city.

16-8-2015: The Israeli police arrested the journalist Ali Muwasi, while covering a demonstration in solidarity with the prisoner Mohammed Allan, near the “Barzilai” hospital.

16-8-2015: The Israeli forces prevented the crew of Palestine today Channel from covering Ashkelon demonstration in support of the prisoner Mohammed Allan.

17-8-2015: The occupation arrested the journalist Hazem Yassin U’beid, from Ramallah while traveling through Al-Karama Crossing to Lebanon.

18-8-2015: The Israeli forces detained the photographer, Bilal Tamimi while covering Nabi Saleh weekly march.

25-8-2015: The Israeli police attacked the journalist Sabreen U’beidat by beating her in Chain Gate area while covering preventing the women who are sitting-in Al Aqsa Mosque from entering to the mosque.

25-8-2015: The Israeli forces assaulted the journalist photographer in “Qpress Agency”, Mohammed Qazzaz during filming the occupation forces preventing worshipers from entering Al-Aqsa Mosque.

26-8-2015: The Israeli forces attacked the journalist Bayan Al-Ju’ba and took her to “Eliyahu” police station and subjected her to investigation about har press work.

26-8-2015: The Israeli Ofer court sentenced the journalist Amer Abu Hillel for 10 months in prison. He has been arrested since 25/1/2015.

27-8-2015: The Israeli occupation told the Palestinian liaison in Hebron that they had objected to the local AR-Reif radio broadcast in the coming hours or days and it may be subjected to storming if they do not respond to stop broadcasting

27-8-2015: The Israeli police arrested the journalist Zeina Qtmirh while monitoring of events at the Chain Gate, one of Al-Aqsa Mosque gates.

28-8-2015: The Israeli forces detained the photographer Hamza Bernat while covering a march to commemorate the martyrdom of the Secretary-General of the Popular Front, Abu Ali Mustafa.

29-8-2015: The occupation authorities prevented Al-Jazeera Net correspondent, Awad Rajoub from traveling through the King Hussein Bridge to Amman under the pretext that he is forbidden for security reasons.

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