Arrests 28-09-2015

Jerusalem: The occupation forces abducted the boy Ziad Nasser Abu Riala, 17 years, from a restaurant near his home.
Jerusalem: The Israeli occupation forces arrested four children aged between 11 and 13 years, from Olive Mount \ At-Tur, overlooking the Old Jerusalem, they: Abdullah Zakaria Abu Hawa, Mohammed Mohannad Abu Hawa, and Muaath Munther Abu Hawa and Khalil Kamal Abu Hawa, and they were taken to a detention and interrogation center in the city.
Bethlehem: A security source said that the occupation forces handed over the young Ahmed Fathi Shweiki, 19 years, from Bethlehem, a communiqué to review the Israeli intelligence in Gush Etzion ‘ settlement complex, south of Bethlehem, after they raided his home and inspected it.
Bethlehem: The lawyer Amer Yassin, the lawyer of Prisoners’ Club, said that the child Isa Abdul Muti (13 years), from Bethlehem, is still in ‘Hadassah Ein Karem’ hospital in a serious medical condition and one of his legs is threatened to be amputated.

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