Violations Against Journalists 9/2015

4-9-2015 –IOF assaulted the correspondent of Palestine Official TV Ali Dar and detained him with three of his collogues and prevented them from covering events in the town of Nabi Saleh.

5-9-2015 – IOF prevented a number of journalists from covering a peaceful protest in the town of Jabaa near Bethlehem.

7-9-2015 – IOF prevented three female journalists Samah Alaa al-Din Duwekat, Sabreen Obeidat 25-year-old and Bayan Ragheb from reaching al-Aqsa mosque who wanted to cover events in the holy place.

8-9-2015 – Israeli police detained Journalists of Bayt al-Maqdes and Hemma News, Lewaa Wael Abu Rmeleh 23-year-old, and prevented her from reaching al-Aqsa mosque.

10-9-2015 – Israeli forces renewed the administrative detention of the journalist Nedal Abu Aker for the third time.

10-9-2015 – IOF detained Palestine TV staff who wanted to report on the town of Orenat.

13-9-2015 – Israeli police ASSAULTED 10 JOURNALISTS during the coverage to riots in al-Aqsa.

Palestine TV correspondent Kristin Renawi was onjured by a stun grenade shot by Israeli police in Jerusalem.

14-9-2015 – IOF assaulted cameraman of al-Arz Co. Ayman Hassan Abu Rmoz and detained him.

14-9-2015 – Israeli police assaulted the cameraman of Kiopress Mustafa Yaser and detained him.

29-9-2015 – Israeli soldiers shot worker of al-Yamama radio in Hebron who suffered suffocation injuries, during his coverage to the tensions in the city.

29-9-2015 – IOF assaulted three journalists: Maan News correspondent in Jerusalem Mohammad Issa Sayyad, the journalist Rami Khateeb and the cameraman of Russia Today Mohammad Asho. Soldiers prevented them from covering assaults in al-Aqsa.

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