Settler Attacks 05-10-2015

Hebron: Agroup of settlers assaulted severely, under the protection of Israeli soldiers, on the child Adham Musllam (13 years) in the old town of Hebron, and the young Muhammad Tarayarh (24 years) from Bani Na’im town, in the east, causing injuries and bruises to them, they were taken for treatment in Hebron hospitals.
Hebron: Dozens of settlers gathered on Monday, in a provocative march through Wadi Al-Hasin and Haret Jabir streets in the Old City, near Al-Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, south of the West Bank.
Nablus: A number of settlers attacked citizens vehicles with stones near Hawwara checkpoint, south of Nablus in the West Bank, the official of the settlement file in the northern of the West Bank, Ghassan Douglas, said that a number of settlers threw stones at vehicles as they were passing through Hawwara checkpoint, and caused damage to them.
Jenin: Dozens of settlers committed acts of riots in several areas in Jenin, and the occupation forces threatened to close Zububa village, near the apartheid barrier, and sources reported that dozens of settlers stormed the place where the settlement of Homesh was, near Silat At-Tahr town, south of Jenin, and committed acts of riots, and directed insults against Palestinians.
Jenin: Dozens of settlers gathered near the military gate installed on the junction of ‘Mapuduttan’ settlement built on the territory of Ya’bad town, and raised Israeli flags, and chanted racist slogans against Arabs, and held singing concerts near Ya’bad, and on the road between Jenin and Tulkarem, and in the morning, the occupation forces evicted them.

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