Injuring of Civilians 10-10-2015

Jerusalem: A Jerusalemite female citizen was wounded in her hand, after settlers targeted her car with stones while she was traveling near Jaba’ checkpoint, east of Jerusalem.
Jerusalem: Six citizens were injured yesterday, by rubber bullets during clashes in Shuafat refugee camp and At-Tur village in Jerusalem.
Jerusalem: A Palestinian youth was injured, this morning, after the Israeli occupation forces shot him allegedly trying to stab settlers in Jerusalem.
Ramallah: Dozens of young men were suffocated in clashes in Na’lin, in the west of Ramallah city. The mayor of Ni’lin, Nader al-Khawaja, said that clashes, which erupted after prayers on Friday afternoon, is still continuing till the moment of this report, and extended to the town, after they were near the checkpoint of Ni’lin at the Street 443.
Ramallah: Two young men were wounded by live ammunition, and a number of others were suffocated in the clashes that erupted in Silwad town, east of Ramallah, yesterday.
Ramallah: Five civilians were injured, two of them with live bullets, and three others with rubber-coated metal bullets, during clashes on Saturday, near Beit El settlement in Al-Balu’ area in Al- Bireh.
Ramallah: 83 civilians were injured during confrontations that erupted in Al-Bireh, near Beit El settlement ‘established on occupied lands, north of the city.
Hebron: A number of citizens were wounded with live ammunition, rubber-coated metal and suffocation during the continuous confrontations that erupted yesterday, in different areas of Hebron and its refugee camps and a number its towns.
Hebron: Today, Saturday, a child was injured with live ammunition, and 15 youths were wounded with rubber bullets and suffocation due to tear gas, in confrontations with the Israeli occupation at Zeif crossroads in Yatta town, and Bab Az-Zawya in Hebron.
Nablus: 18 civilians were wounded yesterday, by the Israeli occupation during clashes at Hawwara and Beit Furik checkpoint in Nablus.
Jenin: A number of citizens were wounded yesterday, with suffocation due to tear gas, during clashes with the occupation forces in Zububa village, west of Jenin. The Director of ambulances of the Red Crescent in Jenin, Mahmoud al-Saadi said that many citizens in Zububa suffered from suffocation during the clashes, including a family of nine members of Jaradat family.
Jenin: Israeli occupation forces attacked the youth Fadi Abdel Fattah Yahya, 28 years, from A’rqah village, west of Jenin, by severe beating causing injuries and bruises, he was transferred to the hospital for treatment.
Qalqilya: 17 citizens were injured by rubber bullets and 214 were suffocated with tear gas, during clashes that erupted on Friday, in Azzun, Kafr Thulth and Qalqilya.
Qalqilya: Eight people were suffocated in clashes between dozens of youths, and Israeli occupation forces at the southern entrance to Qalqilya city, on Friday.
Qalqilya: The elderly Mua’yyad Shteiwi, 60 years, was injured with two live bullets in the abdomen and thigh when the occupation army suppressed Kufur Qaddum weekly peaceful march against settlement yesterday.

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