Wounded Civilians 13-10-2015

Hebron: IOF wounded Abdullah Hour 30-year-old from the town of Soreef.

Hebron: IOF injured dozens of citizens at the junction of Beet Oyoun and the town of Izna.

Jerusalem: Dozens of citizens were wounded during clashes with IOF near Ramallah.

Ramallah: IOF wounded a number of civilians in the town of Nabi Saleh.

Hebron: IOF wounded Yousef Faqeer 22-year-old during clashes in the town of Kharsa near Hebron.

Nablus: IOF wounded 18 citizens near Howara during clashes.

Hebron: IOF wounded dozens of citizens in Hebron, specially students of universities.

Jenin: IOF wounded a number of citizens during clashes erupted near al-Jalama checkpoint near Jenin.

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