Arrests of Civilians 20-10-2015

Jenin: IOF arrested Khaleel Mahmoud Fureehat after storming the town of Yamoun.
Hebron: IOF arrested ex-detainee Mahmoud Aref Sharbati 36-year-old and Mohammad and Mahmoud Natshe from Hebron.
Ramallah: IOF arrested Hassan Yousef, a member of Parliament from the town of Silwan.
Jerusalem: IOF detained Mohammad Rokn from the area of Rasal-Amood near Jerusalem.
Jerusalem: IOF arrested Mahmoud Odeh Oreqat from the town of Abu Dis.
Bethlehem: IOF arrested Loay 16-year-old, Mohammad 19-year-old, Belal Habes Omoor 24-year-old, Mohammad Ibrahim Omoor 21-year-old from the town of Taqou’ near Bethlehem.
Jerusalem: IOF arrested Abdaullah Mostafa, Baseel Darweesh and Jamal Darweesh from the town of Isaweyah.
Hebron: IOF arrested Ahmad Mazen Karaki 17-year-old, Mosaab Shaher Awad 19-year-old and Sadeq Mohammad Seyaj 23-year-old.
Hebron: IOF arrested Ali Jamal Tmeezi 27-year-old from the town of Izna.
Nablus: IOF arrested a number of Palestinians in the towns of Nablus: Nedal Mohammad Daghlas, Alaa Sholi, Ahmad Hamadneh, Eyad Zeyad Haneni, Hamdi Khatatbi, Omar Mohammad Orabi, Ahmad Warrad Khatatbah, Ghanem Fawzi Khatatbah, Ahmad Refaat Khatatbah, Mohammad Shtaya and Montaser Mohammad Rajjam.

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