Incursions 14-11-2015

Jerusalem: The occupation forces and the intelligence stormed today at dawn several Palestinian houses in different parts of Jerusalem in search of what they called “wanted”. A source reported that the Israeli forces raided the house of Mohammed Muheisen in Issawiya town, in the center of Jerusalem under the pretext of searching for his sons Murad and Mahmoud, which caused fear and panic among the family members.
Jerusalem: Israeli forces stormed the home of Zeddani family in Al-Bustan neighborhood, in Silwan town, South of Al-Aqsa mosque, and registered the residents’ identity numbers. Israeli forces also raided the house of Yusif Shuraitah, in Silwan, under pretext of searching for his captive son, Huthayfah who is administratively arrested.
Bethlehem: Occupation forces handed over three young men, from Bethlehem governorate, notifications to review their intelligence. A source reported that the occupation forces handed over notifications to each of Raafat Musleh al-Najjar, 31 years, from Al-A’zza camp, north of Bethlehem, and Ziad Nimir Hamamrah from Husan, in the west, and Muhammad Ali Thawabteh (22 years), from Beit Fajar, in the south, to review the intelligence in ‘Gush Etzion’.

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