Injuring Civilians 21-11-2015

Jerusalem: Dozens of youths were suffocated in clashes with Israeli troops, followed the funeral of the martyr Mahmoud Said Alian, 22 years, in A’nata town, north of Jerusalem.
Ramallah: Dozens of people were suffocated during clashes with the occupation forces, in the western entrance to Silwad town, east of Ramallah, on Friday; the Israeli forces fired a barrage of poisonous tear gas bombs, stun grenades, and live bullets against the youths during the clashes.
Bethlehem: Four youths were injured with rubber-coated steel bullets in confrontations with the Israeli occupation forces at the northern entrance to Bethlehem, on Friday.
Hebron: A number of citizens were injured with suffocation when the occupation forces fired tear gas canisters towards the citizens’ houses in Beit Ummar town, north of Hebron.
Hebron: 51 citizens were injured with live ammunition and dozens with rubber-coated steel bullets and suffocation on Friday in confrontations with Israeli soldiers in Ras El Jorah, and Halhul Bridge in the northern entrance to Hebron.
Hebron: Dozens of citizens were injured with suffocation during clashes with the Israeli occupation forces at the entrance to Al-Fawwar camp, south of Hebron, on Friday.
Hebron: A firefighter was injured with a rubber bullet in his foot today, while he was trying to put out a fire broke out in a Baracks in Alyasiriyyah area, west of Hebron.

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