Arrests 22-11-2015

Bethlehem: Israeli forces arrested four of the brothers of the martyr Essam Ahmed Thawabteh, 32 years, after raiding his family’s home in Beit Fajjar, south of Bethlehem. The youth activist, Adeeb Thawabteh, reported that the occupation forces raided the house of the martyr amid shooting live bullets, tear gas and sound bombs. They detained all members of his family in a room, before arresting his four brothers: Khaled, 54 years, Ibrahim, 34 years, Mahmoud, 45 years and Muhammad, 44 years, and took them to an unknown destination.
Bethlehem: Israeli forces arrested the youth Jamal Jihad Thawabteh (23 years), from Beit Fajjar, south of Bethlehem and handed over Hussain Ahmed Thawabteh (22 years) a notification to review the intelligence in ‘Gush Etzion’ settlement complex.
Bethlehem: A security source reported that the occupation forces arrested Ahmed Mohammed Hreimy (17 years) from Bethlehem, after raiding and searching his father’s house, and confiscated the recordings of the surveillance cameras belonging to Ar-Razi Pharmacy in the vicinity the monastery area in Bethlehem.
Jerusalem: Israeli occupation forces arrested five young men during storming Abu Dis town, southeast of Jerusalem, at dawn today; they arrested the brothers Tariq and Ali Amouri, Mohammed Bassam Sinawi, A’tiyya Al-Halabiyya and Yusif Erekat.
Hebron: Israeli forces arrested two citizens from Hebron, they are: Mujid Al-Jabari and Raed Shawkat Fakhoury, and from Tappuah town, westward, they arrested Tariq Khalil Mohammed Taradih, Rafat Jibril Mohammed Taradih, and Faris Khalil Ahmed Taradih, and from Dura, they arrested Hossam Mahmoud Abu Ras.
Hebron: Israeli forces arrested Ahmed Ismail Ghneimat, and Khaled Ahmad Ghneimat, the brother of the martyr Mahmoud Jihad Ghneimat, Mohammed Jihad Ghneimat, and Saifuddin Ahmed Al-ahur from Surif.
Hebron: Israeli forces arrested the youth Basil Ya’qub Badawi, 18 years, from Al-Aroub refugee camp, north of Hebron, and raided several houses in the camp and tampered with their contents.
Hebron: Israeli occupation forces arrested today, the student Alaa Ibrahim Mahfouz, 14 years, from Al-Aroub refugee camp, and detained school students at the entrance of Al-Fawwar camp, south of Hebron in the West Bank.

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