Injuring civilians 28-11-2015

Ramallah: Three people at least were injured with live ammunition, in clashes with Israeli forces near ‘Ofer’ Camp, west of Ramallah, yesterday.
Bethlehem: A young man was wounded with live bullets in his shoulder and abdomen, during clashes with Israeli forces in Tekoa, east of Bethlehem, yesterday.
Hebron: Eleven citizens were wounded with live ammunition, during clashes with Israeli occupation forces in Al Arroub and Al-Fawwar refugee camps, and in Halhul, Beit Ummar, Beit Awwa and Deir Samit towns in Hebron, yesterday.
Nablus: Two citizens were wounded by Israeli occupation during clashes with the occupation at the Hawwara checkpoint, south of Nablus, today, during a march demanding the release of the retained martyrs’ bodies.
Nablus: More than 30 people were injured with rubber bullets and suffocation during clashes with Israeli occupation forces in Qusra village, south of Nablus, yesterday.
Qalqilya: Three citizens were injured with live ammunition and dozens with suffocation, today, when the Israeli occupation forces suppressed a peaceful anti-settlement march in Kafr Qaddum village, east of Qalqilya.

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