Arrests 7-12-2015

Jerusalem: IOF arrested the mother of the martyr Omar Skafi and other children from Jerusalem amid heavy shootings.
Hebron: IOF stormed the town of Halhoul and arrested Rashed Ali Abu Asbeh 13-year-old, layth and Ahmad Bajes 13-16 year-old.
Nablus: IOF arrested Mohammad Suilman 22-year-old, Ghanem Abdullah 22-year-old and Mohammad Azem.
Jenin: IOF arrested Lutfi Mohammad Abu Naser and Mohammad Shalabi from the Jenin refugee camp.
Qlaiqlia: IOF arrested Abed al-Hadi Ahmad Qeshta 18-year-old, Tareq Nehad Abu Mustafa 16-year-old, Nabeel 24-year-old, Ahmad Ghazi Qur’an 18-year-old and Haytham Hasan Deyab Amer 26-year-old.

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