Incursions 12-12-2015

Ramallah: Israeli occupation forces stormed today at dawn, the city of Ramallah and raided the scientific library in Rukab Street, in the city center, and seized some of its contents.
Bethlehem: Israeli occupation forces stormed today at dawn, Al-Ihsan Clinic in Bethlehem, and seized computers, and administrative and medical files.
Hebron: Israeli forces stormed several neighborhoods in Hebron, and set up military checkpoints at the northern entrance and at the entrances to Seir and Halhul towns. They hindered the movement of citizens, searched their vehicles and checked their identity cards.
Hebron: Israeli forces raided Surif and Hebron, and handed over a number of young men notifications to interview the intelligence, known of them Wa’ad Arafat Al-Hidmi (25 years), and Rami Ibrahim Haddush (32 years).

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