Arrests 28-12-2015

Hebron: IOF arrested Eyad Khaleel Jebreel Omour 35-year-old from the town of Yatta after raiding his house.
Hebron: IOF detained the girl Haya Waleed Abu Romouz and her cousin Mohannad Abed al-Samee’ Abu Romouz and sent them into unknown destination.
Nablus: IOF stormed the city of Nablus and arrested Abed al-Haleem Sayeh 25-year-old, Ahmad Sarwan 21-year-old and Adel Fakhouri 19-year-old.
Jenin: IOF arrested Nour al-Dein Aziz Shalabi 20-year-old after raiding the city of Jenin.

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