Nablus – Injuries of Civilians – 11-04-2014

Dozens of citizens were suffocated severely after the Israeli soldiers fired tear gas canisters on a peaceful march in Qaryout village in Nablus governorate. The soldiers intercepted hundreds of young protesters who were protesting against closing the entrance to the village and prevented them from progress, before launching gas, sound bombs and metal bullets towards them.

The occupation soldiers suppressed a peaceful march that came out of Salem village in Nablus governorate, to condemn settlement expansion at the expense of the village’s lands. The march started from the village with the participation of dozens after Friday prayers, heading towards the lands seized recently by settlers who brought mobile rooms to these lands. The Israeli soldiers prevented the demonstrators from reaching the confiscated lands, and suppressed the march by tear gas, that led to the injury of a number of participants with various cases of suffocation.

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