Arrests 23-5-2016

Jerusalem: Israeli army arrested Ahmad Abu Humos, Adam Mahmoud, Majd Mustafa and Qays Derbas.

Jerusalem: IOF arrested Mohammed abu Humos and Adam Mahmoud from the town of Isaweyah.

Ramallah: Israeli soldiers arrested Ibrahim Salameh Arouri and Ahmad Handi Khadour from Ramallah.

Bethlehem: IOF arrested Malek Saleh Qadi 22-year-old from Bethlehem.

Nablus: Israeli occupation forces arrested Izz al-Dein Tayseer 20-year-old from Nablus.

Jenin: IOF arrested Mohammed Abu Tame’ from Jenin.

Jenin: IOF arrested Bahaa Fayez Hamdan and Qusai Hassan Oudeh from the town of Jabaa.

Tulkarm: IOF arrested Murad Fathi Musa, Emad Mari Shehadeh and Odai Mohammed Saleh.

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