Arrests 20-07-2016

Ramallah: IOF arrested Abed al-Rahman Mustafa Hamed 35-year-old, Ibrahim Mohammed Abed al-Aziz Hamed 35-year-old, Abed al-Raheem Bassam Hammad 19-year-old, Zaid Adnan Deab 23-year-old, Mohammed Qaher Abed al-Majeed 19-year-old, Yousef Awad Mohammed Awad 20-year-old and Omar Mohammed Ata 18-year-old.
Bethlehem: Israeli forces stormed the town of Taou and arrested Shadi Nayef Omoor 20-year-old, Saber Rebhi Omoor 23-year-old and Jomaa Khalled Abu Mofarrah 24-year-old.
Tulkarm: IOF arrested Moayad Saadah Jallad 44-year-old, Laith Wasef Azzam al-Ashqar 20-year-old and Suliman Abed al-Hadi Abu Jabal 27-year-old.

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