Arrests 09-08-2016

Ramallah: Israeli forces arrested two citizens from Ramallah: Firas Abed al-Hameed Mansour 40-year-old and Osaid Rateb Ajrab 29-year-old.
Bethlehem: IOF arrested Nedal Naeem Abu Aker 50-year-old from the Duheshi refugee camp, Hesham Taqatqah 22-year-old and Odai Khaled Taqatqah 20-year-old.
Hebron: Israeli occupation forces arrested the citizens Najeeb Kawazbeh, Monzer Abu Wardeh, Khaled Ahmad Faqeeh and Loay Akram Masharqah.
Jenin: Israeli forces stormed Jenin and arrested the citizen Zakariah Mohammed al-Ghoul 24-year-old.

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