Arrests 16-08-2016

Hebron: IOF stormed the town of Beet Umar and arrested Yousef Mohammed Hussein 52-year-old and his son Mohammed 21-year-old.

Hebron: Israeli forces arrested Hamza Ahmad ABu Hashem 18-year-old, Rashed Musa Saleebi 19-year-old and Ward Ibrahim Awad 15-year-old.

Hebron: IOF arrested Rajeh Mohammed Ahmad Abu Ajameyah 45-year-old.

Jenin: Israeli forces arrested Yousef Ahmad Masharqah 26-year-old, Mustafa Qanere and his son Ahmad, and Ahmad Abu Kharj.

Qalqilia: Israeli army arrested Salah Jomaa 23-year-old.

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