Arrests 20-9-2016

Ramallah: Israeli forces arrested sex citizens during a raid in the Jalazoun refugee camp. The detainees were identifed as Odai Nakhla, Ali Nakhla, Othman Nakhla, Mojahed Olyan, Osama Hattab and Mohammed Zaid.
Bethlehem: IOF raided Bethlehem and arrested three citizens: they are Ibrahim Mohammed Abu Srour 22-year-old and Yaseen Mamoun Badeer 17-year-old from the Aidah refugee camp, and Salamah Mohammed Taqatqah 21-year-old from the town of Beet Fajar.
Nablus: Israeli army arrested the citizen Omar Khader Shakhsheer 22-year-old from Nablus.
Jenin: Israeli forces arrested Mosaab Qaem Zyoud 34-year-old and Adam Mohammed Marshoud 22-year-old.
Jerusalem: IOF arrested the child Hadi Derbas 12-year-old during a raid in the town of Isaweyah.
Hebron: Israeli forces arrested the child Asem Rajabi 14-year-old and Mohammed Sameer Hassan.

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