Arrests 06-10-2016

Bethlehem: Israeli occupation forces arrested on Thursday, the youth Basil Ibrahim Mezher, 23 years, from Deheishe Camp, South Bethlehem.
Hebron: Israeli occupation forces arrested on Thursday, ‘Abdul Rahim Mustafa Abu Awwad, 39 years, from Samu town, south of Hebron.
Tulkarem: Israeli occupation army arrested, during storming Nur Shams Camp, the youths: Murad Nawaf Sawalha, 19 years, Mohamed Ibrahim Hamarsheh 18 years, Nasser Jihad Al-Jundi, 19 years, and Mahmoud Riad Jaber, 24 years, and his brother Mohammed, 18 years, and it announced later that they arrested the youth Ayham Raid Fahmawi (17 years) and his brother Haytham Fahmawi.”
Tubas: Israeli occupation forces arrested Thursday, the Thaer Odeh (21 years), from the Fara’a refugee camp in Tubas.

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