Arrests 8-11-2016

Jerusalem: Israeli forces arrested Waseem Dari, Ameen Raafat, Issa Mohammed Abu Reyala, Musa Mohammed Debie, Abdullah Qawasmi, Sami Naser, Ehab Ibrahim Srour 16-year-old and Mohammad Nadi Hashlamoun.

Ramallah: Israeli forces arrested Khaled Mohammd Masri 17-year-old and Saher Afif.

Bethlehem: IOF arrested Dawood Raed Shararah 13-year-old, Asaad Mahmoud Maseed 52-year-old.

Hebron: Israeli forces arrested Yousef Mohammed Kamel Zaqiq 26-year-old, Alaa Ismael Awad, Mohammad Khaled Abu Rabee 22-year-old and Jawad Ibrahim Ahmad.

Tulkarm: IOF arrested Amjad Mohammed Hussein Abu Sanad.

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