Rabbi of Safad Issues a Legal Opinion Allowing Killing of Arabs

Rabbi Shamuel Elyahoo, one of the extremist rabbis in Israel, who is known of his incitment against Arabs, issued an a legal opinion allowing killings of Arabs, after fires speared in Israel. He issued his legal opinion based on the direct incitement by Benjamin Nateyaho.

Shamuel wrote on his Facebook page: Prime minister said terrorists are behind fires. One of the officers in the Shabbak said that the prime minister’s statement is a signal to genocide. No people were injured but we can’t depend on miracles. It is a must that we stop fires, and shoot vandals if necessary.”

He added “If they shoot arsonists in Beet Maer and Karmele, then the crime wouldn’t have occurred. I hope IDF chief of staff and commander of police issue order to soldiers and police officers to do what they have to do. It is their responibility”.

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