Arrests 19-12-2016

Jerusalem: Israeli forces arrested Mustafa Shekha, Mohammed Shekha, Ameer Qawasmeh, Yaqoub Qawasmi.
Jerusalem: IOF arrested Mahmoud Shawish, Momen Hasheem and Muneer Ajlouni from the old city.
Bethlehem: Israeli troops arrested Reyad Whsh 45-year-old from Jeb Deeb town.
Hebron: Israeli forces arrested Ayman Naser Salaymeh from Hebron.
Nablus: IOF arrested Adham Ali Amer 21-year-old and Rami Belal Nouri 20-year-old from the town of Kofr Qalil.
Jenin: Israeli forces arrested Yazan Shobash from Jenin.

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