Arrests 04-01-2017

Jerusalem: Israeli arrested Ahmad Saeed and Wesam Seder from the area of Bab Hatta.

Ramallah: Israeli troops raided a number of towns and arrested Qusai Mosa Abed 18-year-old, Ahmad Abed al-Jaber Damra 25-year-old and Saeed Yousef.

Hebron: Israeli forces stormed a number of towns in Hebron and arrested Yousef Abed Rabu Kawazbeh 34-year-old, Hamza Mahmoud Shahateet, the brothers Hamza and Omar Abed al-Haleem Talahmeh from the town of Kharsa and Anas Khaleel Alami 22-year-old.

Hebron: IOF arrested the female Bayan Mohammed Aqel and her daughter Fatema from Halhoul. Soldiers also raided the Fuwar refugee camo and arrested Ahmad Abu Wardah 35-year-old, Mostafa Jawad 19-year-old, Mohammed Akram Joudeh 18-year-old and Basel Jawdeh 17-year-old.

Jenin: Israeli forces raided the town of Yaabad and arrested Salem 43-year-old and Jehad Mahmoud Mansour 45-year-od, Nael Mohannad Mansour 24-year-old, Hussam Jamal Khateeb 28-year-old and Yousef Mahmoud Amarneh 18-year-old.

Tulkarm: IOF arrested Mosaab Quzah, Fahed Yaseen, Hussein Abu Shanab and Osaid Awad.

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