New Industrial Zones in the Settlements in Northern West Bank

The Director of the Industrial Zone “Shahak,” in the northern West Bank, Oz Dmoury, said that about 100 dunums have been marketed in the industrial zone “Shahak” recently.
The Director of the Industrial Zone “Burkan”, Rooney Houry, also said that there are about 160 factories in Burkan Settlement, and that there is a request to join 60 other factories to the industrial zone Burkan.
Based on this, the Israeli government has decided to establish a new industrial zone in the northern West Bank, and it will be called – (Nahal Rabbah-Sha’ar Hishmron), and it will be near the settlement blocs Oornett and Sha’ari Tikva. It will be about 15 minutes from Israel, it also has features in its proximity to the center of Israel.
The new industrial zone will be established on 3,200 dunams, it is expected to join companies producing technological industries. It will be administratively within the Local Council of North “Samaria” settlements, the Local Council of Oornett and Elkana settlements.
The head of the Local Council of “Samaria” settlements, in the northern West Bank, Yossi Dagan, said that companies in Israel have not been affected by the boycott campaign, and the recent Security Council resolution. Dagan thanked the head of the Civil Administration Brig Ohvat Ben Hur for granting “Samaria” settlements in the north of the West Bank, a permission to establish a new industrial zone.

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