Arrests 24-1-2017

Jerusalem: Israeli forces raided al-Aisaweyah town and arrested Mohammed Kayed Mahmoud, Abed al-Qader Dari, Nadim Safadi and Khaled Abu Ghush.

Ramallah: IOF arrested the activist Abdullah Abu Rahma.

Ramallah: Israeli troops raided al-Jalazoun refugee camp and arrested Mustafa Sharakeh, Mahmoud Wajdi Safi and Maroof Bajes Nakhla.

Hebron: IOF arrested Waheed Ibrahim Abu Mariah 21-year-old, Ameen Emad Saleebi 15-year-old, Ahmad Abdullah Abu Ayash and Ahmad Abdullah Izreeq.

Tulkarm: IOF arrested Baraa Jamal Abed al-Fatah Khaeel 22-year-old.

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