‘Price tag’ sprayed on cars near Arab neighborhood

Twenty vehicles parked on Route 21 between Ramat Shlomo in eastern Jerusalem and Shuafat in north Jerusalem were discovered vandalized overnight Monday, with graffiti having been sprayed on some of the cars with the Hebrew words “price tag.”
Police also reported that some of the cars’ tires were punctured by the vandals.

The term “price tag” is commonly used by Jewish or political extremists in carrying out a revenge attack for a specific act.
Police forces arrived at the scene with forensic teams that collect findings and opened an investigation that included intelligence gathering and technological analysis of evidence collected at the scene.

At the beginning of the week, Ynet published figures showing that in the last month alone, 17 restraining orders had been imposed in the West Bank against members of the hilltop youths as a preemptive move amid fears that they would stoke up tensions in the wake of recent violent incidents that have beset the area.

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