The racism of the judiciary in Israel

Shaked opposes appointing a judge in the Supreme Court as she supports the reunification of Palestinian families
A recent book revealed that the Israeli Minister of Justice, Aiyelat Shakid, opposes the appointment of the judge Esther Hayout as President of the Supreme Court because she supported the reunification of a Palestinian family.
“The sunflower leaf is the ruling on the family reunification law, and we all know on which side Hayout was,” the journalist Naomi Levitsky wrote in her book, “The Alawites,” which was published recently in a new edition.
Hayut was among a panel of judges in the occupation Supreme Court consisted of eleven judges, six of whom decided to reject a Palestinian family reunion, while Hayut was on the minority side and supported the reunification. She also stated that the racist amendment prohibiting family reunification should be abolished.

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