Ministers and Knesset members launch a book urging racism against Arabs

The Hebrew newspaper Haaretz reported that Likud ministers and Knesset members participated in a ceremony to launch a racist book that offends the Arabs.
According to the website, 400 Israelis took part in the ceremony, including Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz, one of Likud leaders, as well as the chairman of the coalition David Betan and other Knesset members.
Some of the participants called for the restoration of military rule against Arabs in Israel and the expulsion of Arab lawmakers accused of treason by the Knesset.
According to the site, the book title is “Exposed and hidden in the Arabs of Israel,” written by the Israeli extremist writer Ravi Israel, known for his sharp and constant criticism against Muslims in general and the Palestinians in particular.
In his extremism and racism, the writer went on to say that the Arabs should be placed in camps, just as England and America did when they brought together the Japanese and the like. Describing the Arabs as “parasites”.

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