The Israeli army killed her 23/01/2013

The Israeli army killed her on Wednesday 23/01/2013

Lubna Al-Hanash, a student of political science at Al-Quds University

Lubna Al-Hanash / Bethlehem / she was less than 22 when she died.

She was wounded in her head by the Israeli soldiers’ bullets on 23.1.2013, when she was on a trip with one of her female relatives in the orchard next to Road 60, along A’rrub refugee camp.

The two soldiers involved in that incident were the deputy commander of (Judea Battalion), the lieutenant colonel Shahar Safda, and another soldier was accompanying him.

Both of them were driving in a civilian car on Road 60. They claimed that they faced stone throwing.

B’Tselem’s investigation indicated that there was not any justification for shooting towards the two girls. The army’s response does not address at all the fact that the bullets hit two female passersby, or the fact that firing live bullets towards the upper part of a person is not allowed except if the person immediately endangered the soldiers or other people, and this condition was clearly not met in this case.

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