Arrests of Civilians – 24-04-2014

Ramallah – IOF arrested Rayan Tamimi 35-year-old and Mohammad Wajeeh Tamimi 19-year-old from the town of Nabi Saleh. Soldiers beat them and targeted their houses after firing stun grenades.

Jenin – IOF arrested Yousef Syam 21-year-old after storming his house in al-Faraa refugee camp.

Tulkarm – IOF arrested Ahmad Yousef Aref from Balla town.

Hebron – IOF arrested 8 citizens from the town of Dir samt, they were identified as: Muneer Awawdeh 50-year-old and his sons Azzam (50 years) and Raafat (24 years), Mohammad Abu Harbeed 20-years-old, Wael Hasan Hroub 35-year-old, Dawood Abed al-Wahab 32-yers-old, Musa Ali Hasan 32-year-old and Jihad Ismael Sharawneh 30-year-old. Israeli soldiers searched a number of houses belonging to the family of Abu Zneed, Sharawneh, Hroub and Sharha. IOF also handed notices to Jihad Hroub, Eyad Safi Hroub and his brother Raed and ALLA Nedal Hroub to review Israeli intelligence.

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