An organization close to Netanyahu donated millions to the extremist Im Tirtzu movement

The extremist Im Tirtzu movement has received millions of shekels in donations from an institution in the United States that has close relations with Benjamin Netanyahu, and it is very close to him, without revealing the source of that money.
The movement’s financial records for the year 2015 show that the income of the movement jumped from NIS 1.7 million to NIS 7 million, and that the largest donor was a US-registered institution called Shining City, which Donated nearly NIS 3.7 million to the movement, and another institution called “Americans for Jerusalem” donated nearly NIS 1 million.
The newspaper revealed that those behind these institutions are close to Netanyahu, that their legal status allows them to transfer donations without revealing their source, noting that “Im Tirtzu” always tries to pursuit the non-right-wing organizations and demand to reveal their funding, and seeks to enact various laws to prevent these institutions from receiving any external funding.
Upon checking, it revealed that the site is registered under the name “Vincent Harris”, who served as Netanyahu’s adviser in the last elections in 2015. A number of Republican sympathizers close to Netanyahu who campaigned against Obama in the past, especially during the period of tension between him and the Israeli Prime Minister, are behind the institution “Americans for Jerusalem.”
Both institutions were registered under the US tax 501 (4) (c), which transferred funds to non-profit organizations without disclosing the source of these donations, that turned these institutions into a central player in the political arena in various countries in the world, and in the American elections in particular.

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