Israeli NGO Gave Thousands of Dollars to Killer of Palestinian Teen

Haaretz Apr 27, 2017 8:59 AM

Yosef Chaim Ben-David, the primary suspect in the murder of Palestinian teen Mohammed Abu-Khdeir, is led into a Jerusalem court, Israel, December 21, 2015. Emil Salman

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Israeli NGO Honenu has been providing thousands of dollars in grants to Jewish murderers and terrorists, including Yosef Ben-David, one of the killers of Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir, Channel 10 reported on Wednesday.

Internal Honenu documents obtained by Channel 10 showed that the organization gave money to Meir Ettinger, the alleged leader of a Jewish terrorist group, Elad Sela, who as a soldier gave confidential information to settlers, the wives of Jewish terrorists Ami Popper and Jack Teitel, as well as other prominent right-wing activists.

Honenu bills itself as a legal aid organization and is tax exempt in Israel.

The organization responded saying: “The organization works exactly according to the requirements of the law.  We didn’t see Channel 10 reporters digging through the documents of organizations hostile to Israel. The material has already appeared in different media outlets five times already. This is no longer to the point journalism but persecution akin to the media’s obsession with Prime Minister Netanyahu. Hionenu meets all legal requirements. We have been check by tax authorities time and again and never faulted.”

In July 2014, 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir was abducted from the Jerusalem Arab neighborhood Shoafat near his home by three Israeli Jews – two minors and 29-year-old Yosef Ben-David. He was driven to the Jerusalem Forest, where he was beaten and burned alive. The state has officially recognized him as a terror victim.

In May, Ben-David was sentenced to life in prison and an additional 20 years. He was convicted of murder, kidnapping for the purpose of murder and battery causing bodily harm after the court rejected his insanity plea.

His two accomplices were also convicted of murder. One was sentenced to life in prison and the other to 21 years. Each minor was also forced to pay the Abu Khdeir family 30,000 shekels ($7,700) in compensation.



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