The occupation will destroy fifth of Susiya leaving children and women homeless

The occupation forces want to demolish some 20 buildings in the village of Susiya. This step means the immediate destruction of houses, clinics and animal pens, and irreversible damage to the basic rights of about 100 residents (half of whom are children) who have no other  place to live, especially in winter, which leads to human suffering.

The European Union representative and heads of EU missions issued a statement in

which they denounced continued threats to demolish Palestinian homes and confiscate their property in the occupied West Bank.

“The European Union calls on the Israeli authorities to stop the demolition of Palestinian homes and property,” the statement said.

Approximately 300 people, women and children, who were evicted from their village 30 years ago live in the Palestinian village of Susiya, without Israel assuming responsibility for their fate and without providing them with alternative housing.

To this day, the population has to remain on their own land, which Israel recognizes as private land, living in tin shacks and tents, without basic infrastructure and under the threat of displacement.

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