Arrests of Civilians 13-4-2015

Jerusalem: Israeli forces arrested two children while walking in a street in the town of Silwan near Jerusalem, without any prior confrontations.

Jerusalem: Israeli forces arrested three citizens in the town of Silwan. The detainees are Ameer Da’as Hamad 19-year-old, No’man Saleh Hamed 19-year-old and Ahmad Abu Zaineh 31-year-old.

Hebron: Israeli occupation forces arrested Hassan Hroub 22-year-old from the town of Deer Samer, after raiding his house.

Jenin: Israeli forces arrested Mohammed Jamal Abahreh 22-year-old and Mohammed Awad from Jenin.

Bethlehem: The Palestinian Prisoners Club said that Israeli forcs arrested 5 citizens from the city of Bethlehem last night. The detainees are Ismael Mohammed Ismael Zghoul, Yazan Bader Shusheh, Omar and Saed Ibrahim Abu Sabhah, and Mohammed Mo’tasem Abdullah.

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