Nablus – A new crime titled by settlers

Nablus – Qusra – 30-11-2017

Again, settlers committed a heinous crime in Qusra town, south of Nablus, where a terrorist settler killed Mahmoud Ahmed Za’al, 48 years, while working in his land in Qusra village, near Nablus. The attack was carried out by settlers from “Yash Cod” settlement outpost, which has been turned into a safe haven for settler terrorists in the area.

The Israeli army justified killing the Palestinian citizen through media and the army radio by claiming that the citizen prevented the settlers from breaking into his land, and so, they shot and killed him.

In his turn, Israeli Minister of War, Avigdor Lieberman, praised the settler who killed Mahmoud Ouda. “Using weapons for self-defense is a moral value protected by law in all democratic regimes,” Lieberman said in a leaflet on his Facebook account.

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