Arrests of Civilians – 03-06-2014

Jerusalem – IOF arrested Mohammad Jaber Abu Asef and Kamel Ismael from the town of Qatna.

Ramallah – IOF raided the village of Ein Qnya and arrested Naser Nizar Melh 26-year-old. IOF also raided the village of Ras Karkar and arrested Mohammad Shawkat Nofal 22-year-old. Israeli soldiers also raided the town of Silwad and searched a house.

Ramallah – IOF arrested Ammar Ali Zahrah 23-year-old from the neighborhood of Dabaneh.

Jenin – IOF raided the town of Burqeen and arrested Mojahed Jalal Qash 33-year-old.

Jenin – IOF arrested Amjad Ahmad Eissa from the town of Aneen, and Ahmad Jaradat 16-year-old and Laith Mohammad Ghzeil 16-year-old.

Qalqilia – IOF raided the neighborhood of Kofr Saba and arrested Ammar Dwekat 22-year-old and his brother Ibrahim 25-year-old. IOF also raided the town of Qarawet Bani Hassan and arrested university student Mos’ab Musa 17-year-old.

Hebron – IOF raided al-Fuwar refugee camp and arrested Salama Suliman Dajaneh 16-year-old. IOF also raided the town of al-Zahreya and arrested Yousef Abed al-Fattah Abu Sharkh 45-year-old, Omar Ahmad Musa, Ra’fat Ismael from the town of Dura.

Hebron – IOF arrested Fayez Fawaz Ja’bari 26-year-old and Mahran Ahmad Ja’bari 20-year-old and took them into unknown destination.

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