Photos and videos – collective punishment against more than 7,000 people: tight restrictions on access to Hizma village on 16-1-2018

For more than a week, the army imposed severe restrictions on entry and exit from the village of Hizma, northeast of occupied Jerusalem, by placing obstacles and deploying soldiers at the entrance to the village.

This is not the first time the Israeli army has closed the entrances to the village. During March and April 2017, the army closed the northern entrance for 40 days and the two southern entrances for 20 days.

Restricting the freedom of movement of about 7,000 people is a collective punishment prohibited by the international law. This punishment affects the entire village as it affects their normal lives, but foremost, it affects people who are most vulnerable to these restrictions because of their difficulty in moving. It is only an example of life routine under the occupation and the arbitrariness of the army in using its powers.

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