Killing Philosophy is firmly rooted in them

Omar Helmy El Ghoul

An opinion poll conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute and published by the Israeli newspaper “The Jerusalem Post” on Sunday, November 29, revealed that “More than half of Israelis, 55%, believe that the Israeli army should kill Palestinian militants, even if they no longer pose any threat.” Not only that, but “37% of the Israelis supported the killing of Palestinians who did not pose any threat.” That is killing for only killing. The report added that “45.5% support targeting the civilian population in Gaza to deter firing rockets on Israel.” An overwhelming majority of them, 71%, support the death penalty for convicted Palestinians.” That is, the execution of any Palestinian defends his right to life.

“37% of the Israelis supported the killing of Palestinians who did not pose any threat.

The fact that is visible to the Palestinian citizen, and even to the objective observer, says that the Zionist society, which is built on the basis of substitution and eviction for the Palestinians, and is built with its various social, political, religious, educational, cultural and partisan components according to military and security standards and its consciousness was formulated and engineered according to the standards of negating the other, who is the Palestinian, thus, the percentage of those who support killings and executions is much higher than what was monitored in the last poll . Because the Zionist coming from the corners of the earth to occupy the lands, houses, farms, factories and wealth of the Palestinian Arab people based on the false and fake Zionist narrative, the belief in the necessity to kill and exterminate the owner of the land, history, identity and cultural heritage in historical Arab Palestine, in order to remain and control the land and the Palestinian homeland.

Therefore, I believe that the poll conductors have greatly reduced the percentage of truth among the Zionists who committed war crimes over the past century. Because whoever does not believe in the exile of the Palestinian, that is, in killing him and liquidating his political, legal and humanitarian cause, is supposed to be at least a supporter of the option of peace, coexistence and tolerance, but the truth says otherwise, there is a sharp decline in the percentage of peace supporters. I do not say that he should leave the land of Palestine to its owners, because he has a homeland and national affiliation in one of the countries of the world, and he has a passport and a different culture.

However, the observer of the historical chart of the Zionist presence in the Palestinian land before and after the establishment of the Israeli state of ethnic cleansing, noticed that the main organizer of the policies and practices of the criminal Zionist gang institutions before the establishment of the state, and after its “civil”, military, security, religious and cultural establishment is based on a fundamental pillar entitled with the liquidation of the Palestinian people and their cause, dispelling his original narrative. Those who remain among the Palestinians are being brainwashed according to the criminal colonial narrative, subjecting them to the policy of apartheid by all social, economic, judicial, legal, cultural, educational and of course military criteria, and pushing them according to a systematic policy to a process of gradual transfer by perpetuating war, violence and Israeli organized international terrorism against them in all their communities.

So, the opinion poll on the importance of the data it carried, and its acknowledgment that the Israeli-Zionist majority believes in killing the Palestinian, regardless of whether he is a militant  or a simple ordinary citizen, it did not tell the whole truth, and did not record the correct percentage, which the Zionist pollsters recorded. The Zionist Street, with its various political, religious, sectarian, and Jewish sectarian colors, is a street that firmly believes in killing the other, who is the Arab Palestinian. This is the goal of the historical retro fascist Zionist project, and those in charge of it have not retreated an inch from their basic choice. Rather, the philosophy of killing the Palestinians has rooted in them as a result of the decline and weakness of the Palestinian national project, associated with the growing crisis of the Arab national project, and the absence of the global liberation movement, and at the same time, with the increase and expansion of support for the Israeli organized terrorist state by the capitalist West led by the United States, and its protection from International accountability, covering its crimes, massacres publicly. Despite the issuance of hundreds of UN resolutions from various platforms of the United Nations and its international organizations.

And if we carefully read what happened recently in the 25th Knesset elections in early November, and stopped before the rise of the Zionist extreme right (fascist / Nazi), and whoever witnessed with his own eyes the field executions and the increasing killings in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip this year, which so far affected nearly 200 innocent and unarmed Palestinian citizens, or tried to defend himself against the brutal aggression of the officers and soldiers of the Israeli army of death, we would have realized without trouble, that the survey has large gaps, and went away from the bright truth, and it did not announce it publicly, for fear of the results of revealing it on the colonial state in front of world public opinion in general, and the followers of the Jewish religion in Western countries in particular, who are now disavowing their connection to the Israeli state with exposing its true identity, which is known to those who established it and set it up to achieve their colonial goals and objectives. There is more and more to tell about the Israeli fascist state.

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