The settler right and settler leaders demand to speed up the annexation of the occupied West Bank

The “Jewish House” party, led by Education Minister Naftali Bennett, announced that the party’s MKs would support the proposed bill to vote for Israeli sovereignty over settlements in the West Bank.

The Council of Israeli Settlements in the West Bank sent a letter to Netanyahu asking him to allow a vote on a bill to impose Israeli sovereignty over the settlements. Eighteen of the heads of the councils that run the Israeli settlements have signed that letter.

The heads of the Israeli settlements council confirmed that the Likud Central Council approval of the proposal and the approval of the Likud, Jewish House and Shas ministers on the proposal showed that if the bill was put to a vote, it would be greatly supported. Considering that, the support received by Israel from US Vice President Mike Pines is “a successful timing for such a process!” A step considered by the heads of the Council of Settlements a “historic step” for the imposition of Israeli sovereignty over the (West Bank).

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