Terrorist Settlers Abducted a Palestinian Child and Burned his Body – 02-07-2014

Israeli police found this morning, Wednesday, the body of the Palestinian child Mohammad Jussein Abu Khdir 16-year-old, who was murdered by Israeli terrorist settlers, and who had been abducted from the suburb of Shu’fat to the north of Jerusalem.

Shu’fat residents and witnesses said that footage from surveillance cameras shows Israelis stepping out of a Hyundai in front of Abu Khdeir’s house and forcing the teen inside before speeding off. Two settlers stepped out of the Hyundai and forcibly pulled the boy inside before the driver sped away. The burned body was discovered in a forest near Dir Yaseen village. Israeli police summoned his father to identify his boy’s body.

It is noteworthy that another terrorist action occurred yesterday when an Israeli settler tried to abduct the child Musa Rami Zaloum 8-year-old while being accompanied by his mother in the suburb of Beet Hanina, but resident prevented the kidnapping.

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