Arrests 06-03-2017

Jerusalem: The Israeli soldiers arrested, on Monday afternoon, the youth Khaldoun Taha Dary and the child Islam Al-Qirm from Issawiya town, in the centre of Jerusalem.
Jerusalem: The Israeli forces arrested today at dawn the citizens: Musa Mohammed Odeh and Dia’ Odeh, from Silwan town, south of Al-Aqsa Mosque.
Bethlehem: The Israeli occupation forces arrested the MPs Khaled Tafesh and Anwar Zbun, in addition to Hassan Al-Wardeyyan, and Ghassan Hermas, from Bethlehem.
Hebron: The Israeli occupation forces arrested on Monday, the citizen Munjid Khaled Ashour, from Hebron.
Jenin: The Israeli forces arrested three young men from Jenin, namely: Hatem Abu Ali, 21 years, Hamza Nael Ammar (23 years), and the released captive Fares Hosni Shawahneh.
Qalqilya: The Israeli occupation forces arrested on Monday, ‘Abdul Ar-Rahim Hanani, 35 years, after searching his family’s home in Qalqilya city.

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