Rami Sabarneh went to work hoping to bring Eid clothes to his children but returned a martyr by the Israeli occupation

Hebron, 2-6-2018

Rami Sabarneh, 37years, used to leave his house every morning to work for a Contracting Company in Hebron city to bring a living for his children and family.

Rami is married and has three children, the oldest of whom is 8 years, and the youngest is two and a half years.

“The soldiers killed the worker in a deliberate manner,” said the activist in Human rights defenders group, Arif Jaber.

As a continuation of the crime, the Israeli occupation forces detained the activist of the human rights defenders’ group Aref Jaber, after he filmed scenes of the shooting of Rami by Israeli soldiers. They took him to the Israeli police station in “Kiryat Arba” settlement.

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