Injuries of Civilians 13-11-2014

Hebron- Clashes erupted between Israeli occupation forces and citizens in the area of Jabal Jawhar, resulting in the injury of a disabled female who suffered suffocation injuries.

Jerusalem- 6 citizens were injured by rubber bullets fired by Israeli occupation forces. One of the injured is a paramedic whom Israeli soldiers shot at the checkpoint of Qalandia. Israeli occupation forces fired stun grenades and live bullets toward citizens.

Nablus- A number of people were injured after they had confronted Israeli occupation forces who stormed the Askar refugee camp using live bullets and gas grenades toward citizens. The citizens Hamdi Oud and Mahmoud Ajouri were injured during the clashes. Israeli occupation forces also stormed a house belonging to Khaled Abu Hashye after exploding its door. Other clashes erupted in the area surrounding the Balata refugee camp resulted in the injury of Mujahed Joma’a by live bullets.

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