Students of Al-Khan Al-Ahmar Residential Complex – Fear, Waiting, and Unknown Fate

Few kilo meters away from the historical Jericho street, which is controlled by Israeli occupation authorities, more than 150 al-Khan al-Ahmar Bedouin students lined up.

These students are waiting a decision to demolish their school, issued by prime minister of occupation, Benjamin Netanyahu,  two years ago, and which has been activated by the Israeli supreme court yesterday, to implement it completely.

Few meters away from the solidarity tents erected in the stadium of the school, they felt fear and trouble about the fate of their village and school, and this was reflected negatively upon the course and concentration of students.

Student, Nada Ahmad Abu Dahook, in 7th grade, said “I stayed up all night thinking that I will not find my school because occupation forces want to demolish my school, and the whole village, and displace its residents. I love my school and don’t want it to be demolished”.

Teacher Esraa Zahran warned that, in the event that their school is demolished, it will be impossible for many of young people to go to school in Jericho or Al-Azariya, and this will affect their future.”

She added “There are questions by female students in particular, about their education future in case their school is demolished. Demolition of their school will deny them of education in a natural circumstance”.

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