Arrests of Civilians 18-11-2014

Jerusalem- Israeli occupation forces arrested al-Aqsa guard, Akram al-Shurafa, and Taha Shawahneh who was severely assaulted before arresting him. Israeli soldiers also arrested Omar Abu al-Hawa, Mustafa Qawasmeh and the woman Ra’edah Abu Hidwan.

Ramallah- Israeli occupation forces arrested Jehad Fayeq Khalaf, Rami Bader Khalaf and Mohammad Jamal Khalaf from the town of Rantees.

Ramallah- Israeli occupation forces stormed the town of Bal’een and arrested Majdi Mohammad Hashem Burnat, Mohammed Fares Yaseen and Sameeh Jadallah Khateeb.

Ramallah- Israeli occupation forces raided the town of Silwad and arrested Nasha’at Anwar Joma’a Hamed.

Nablus- Israeli occupation forces arrested Haytham Hamad Awad from the town of Salim.

Jenin- Israeli occupation forces raided the town of Ya’abad and arrested Mohammed Sameer Hamarsheh.

Tulkarm- Israeli occupation forces arrested Ahmad Majdi Kbareyah from the town of Shwekeh after storming his house.

Tulkarm- Israeli occupation forces stormed the town of Shwekeh and arrested Saleh Ali Saleh and Raed Mohammed Na’ouleh.

Hebron- Israeli occupation forces arrested Waseem Mohammed Abu Maryah 14-year-old, Ahmad Refaat Jameel Sleebi 15-year-old and Abdullah Mohammed Hamdi Abu Maryah 15-year-old and sent them into the military post of “Itsyoun”.

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