Storming Districts – 22-06-2014

Jerusalem – The Israeli forces stormed Abu Dis town and Samirameis area, and suppressed the citizens there, as they fired live and rubber bullets towards them, and they stormed the campus of the University of Abu Dis and detained the guards of the university.

Ramallah – The occupation forces stormed Al-Jinan neighborhood in Al-Berih, Umm As-Sharayet area, and the city center of Ramallah, where they raided a number of houses, shops and cafes.

Jenin – The occupation forces stormed Yamoun, As-Seilih, Ya’bad, Jilqamos and Qabatiya.

Nablus – The occupation forces stormed all around Nablus city, and carried out raids and searches. They confiscated properties and stole money from some of the houses. They also stormed Salem village, searched a house, and damaged its contents. These forces also stormed the Balata refugee camp, and A’sira, Madama, and Tel villages, carried out wide inspections.

Salfeit – The occupation forces stormed Salfit town and raided a number of streets and houses.

Tulkarem – The Israeli occupation forces moved into several areas in Tulkarem city, and carried out raids and inspections.

Tulkarem – The Israeli forces stormed Shwaika, Deir Ghosoon, A’llar and Sida villages, and raided some homes.

Qalqilia – The Israeli forces stormed A’zzun, Kufr Qaddum, Immatin, I’zbat At-Tabib and Sanniriya and searched some homes.

Bethlehem – Large forces of the occupation army stormed A’ida refugee camp, where they suppressed the citizens with rubber bullets, stun grenades and gas. They used a machine to spray wastewater toward the windows of a mosque that were open, which led to the entry of large amounts of waste water inside the mosque and polluting and desecrating it. The occupation wastewater-vehicle splashed water toward the camp home by home, in addition to storming the camp schools and alleys.

Bethlehem – The Israeli occupation forces moved into Beit Sahour, Al-U’baidiya, As-Shawawrah, Rakhma, Husan, Tekoa, Beit Fajar and Za’tara.

Hebron – The occupation forces stormed Hebron city, searched homes and suppressed the citizens by live ammunition, rubber bullets and tear gas. They also stormed Dura town and Beit Awwa village, and exploded a house, and also raided a number of houses and tampered with their contents.

Hebron – The Israeli occupation forces raided Halhul town and raided the area of police station in the city and searched most of the houses there, and inspected a hospital.

Hebron – The occupation forces stormed Surif town, and a number of settlers were present on the road of Beit Ummar and Karmi Tsur settlement.

Hebron – The Israeli forces raided the home of the member of the Legislative Council Mohammad Abu Jheishih, where they confiscated computers and cameras from his home before arresting him.

Hebron – The occupation forces stormed Taffuh town, and raided the headquarters of the charity Society.

Hebron – The Israeli forces stormed the building of the Polytechnic University.

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