Arrests of Civilians – 23-06-2014

Jerusalem – IOF arrested Majdi Abdullah Mahmoud 24-year-old from the town of Isawia after beating him up.

Jerusalem – IOF raided the town of Izaria and arrested Musa Faroun.

Jerusalem – IOF arrested the ex-detainee Samer Isawi from the village of Isawia.

Jenin – IOF raided the town of Faqou’a and arrested Milad Foad Abed al-Rahman Massad 21-year-old.

Jenin – IOF raided the town of Maithaloon and arrested Jehad Turky Nu’irat 39-year-old.

Tulkarm – IOF arrested Nash’at Adel Fayez Sabbah from Quffin town, Mohammad Ghassan Abed –Alraoof Najbi 27-year-old from Tulkarm city and Mohammad Tawfeeq Mahmoud 24-year-old from Tulkarm refugee camp.

Nablus – IOF raided a number of neighborhoods in Nablus city and searched a number of houses and arrested four students: Taha Salous from tha area of Khellat Iman, Ahmad Tanbour from Addahiya, Abed al-Rahman Mohammad Beshtawi and Mo’ath Ordniah.

Nablus – IOF raided the town of Kofr Qelil and arrested Saleh Saadi al-Amer and Ameer Ishtaia.

Hebron- IOF raided the town of Bit Awwa and arrested Dawood Kathem Sweeti, Ibrahim Mohammad Switi, Ali Ibrahim Switi and Issa Mohammad Abu Jamal.

Hebron- IOF raided Arroub refugee camp and arrested Mohammad Emad Jawabra, Ramzi Khaled Badawi, Ameer Mohammad Ttei, Moheeb Abed al-Azizi Najmi and the ex-detainee Mohannad Nayroukh and Essam Abu Esha.

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