Photos – Because of settlement – a daily torment to get to education in Hebron

Cordoba primary school is located opposite to Beit Hadassah settlement in the closed Israeli military zone in H2 area Hebron, in the West Bank. Its students and workers are forced to cross several checkpoints every day to reach it. On their way to the school, they are being searched and threatened by the occupation army and they suffer from violence by the settlers.

Aisha al-‘Azza, 13 years, spoke bitterly about the harassment and violence she suffered from by settlers:

“Our lives are very difficult here, we are being searched on our way to school and we are exposed to violence by settlers.” One day a settler stopped us, she resides opposite to the school and kept pushing us and telling us to leave, but we told her that we were staying forever.”

The student Wa’ad as-Sharbati, 14 years, said she defied the occupation by attending regularly at school and tells:

“One time, I was on my way to school, a settler passed by us with a wild dog. When he saw us going to school, he freed dog towards us, and then we ran away from school, but soon we went back to school.”

The School Principle, Nora Nassar, said that the school, which has 163 students, is surrounded by three settlements and that the daily trip to it requires passing through the electronic gate set by the Israeli occupation forces and requires a humiliating and degrading inspection and they say nasty words to us. Of course, passing is subjected to the moods of soldiers at the checkpoint.

Samah Nasir ed-Din, the educational counselor at the school, says that the unique conditions of Cordoba school greatly affect the students’ psychological state. Many of them were traumatized and had difficulties adapting to the situation, and fearing to come to school.

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